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Metro Commercial Properties
Maintenance Request System Login


Metro Commercial Properties is upgrading its Maintenance Request system.  This document explains how to log into that system and create a maintenance request.

The above link will take you directly to the login page.

The login page will look like this:


You will need to log into the site with the following information:

User Name:  Tenant

Password:  (Leave Blank)

Database:  mcp


After you have entered the login information please click on the “Enter” button and this will log you into the system.



You will then be presented with the following page:





This is the form you will be using to submit your request.

Below is a description of each field and what type of information you should be putting in them.

Requester Name – This field should be filled out with the name of the person who is making the request.

Date – This field is the date and time of the request.   Please insert the current date and time of this request.

Phone # - This field should be filled in with the best phone number to reach the person making the request.  It can be a business number, cell phone number, or private number as long as we can reach the person who knows about the issue.

Requester email – This field should be filled out with the email address of the person making the request so that they may receive updates about the request.  An automated messaging system will provide them with updates and those updates will be sent to this address.  Please make sure it is a valid address that can receive those emails.

Building Name – Please give us the name of the building you are in so that we know which location to send our maintenance staff.  An inaccurate Building Name may lead to a slower response time.

Company Name – Please give us the name of your company so that we know where the issue is located within the building.  An inaccurate Company Name may lead to a slower response time.

Issue Category – The issue category is a drop down menu of the some general and most common issues that you may be experiencing.  It helps our engineers understand what type of issue they will be dealing with to best properly address the problem.  If the problem you are experiencing doesn’t match one of the drop down items please just select “Miscellaneous Service Requests” and give us the appropriate details in the description box provided at the bottom of the form.

Please describe the nature of your request – This field should be filled out with all of the pertinent details of your issue.  Please include anything that might be helpful to our engineers.  By filling out this box with concise, complete, and accurate information it will help us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


After the form has been filled out with the appropriate information please click on the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the form.




After clicking on the “Submit Request” button it should turn grey indicating that your ticket has been submitted.  You should also receive an email from our automated response system indicating your request has been received.  Please allow up to 15 minutes to receive this email since some mailing systems may take longer to retrieve messages.

If you have another request to make you can click on the “Add New Record”  button at top right part of the page which has a green plus sign.  Clicking this button will create a new Maintenance Request and clear out the information currently within the fields.




Once you are finished submitting your ticket, please click on the “Logout” button at the top right corner of the page.



Please note that trying to logout without having filled out the request form completely will cause a pop up message to appear indicating that some fields have not yet been filled out.  If you begin the process of filling out the Request Form but realize later that it is unnecessary please continue filling out the form but do not click on the “Submit Request” button.  You will not be allowed to log out until all fields are filled.

Please DO NOT exit the page without logging out first.  This may cause problems for others trying to log in.